Best Heavy Duty Floor Mats for Ford F150 Reviews

Regardless of a new truck or a used truck that you have, you should equip your “big mother truck” with a high quality set of heavy duty floor mats. Actually, this is “a must stuff”. It is necessary to protect your trucks from dirty stuff like muds. Floor mats are the best choice for you to make. These days, lots of floor mats are being sold on market so you have wide selection. However, you should notice that there are various styles, types, and size of floor mats. Each has its own features. So you have to check your trucks and pick the right ones that fit your needs.

Below is the list of the top 5 floor mats available for your F150.

#1 Ford F-150-Weathertech Floor Liners Black Rubber

The Weathertech floor liner is one the best one due to its highest quality floor liner for an F150. This type give good protection for interior because of its great features. These liners are created to offer maximum friction with the carpet.

These mats are easily removed to get clean whenever you want to clean them up. They are also designed to easily be installed and cleaned so you will be able to find that they are ease of use at affordable price.

You can consider this type as your 1st choice for any Ford F150. Make sure you find the right model before buying.

#2 MaxFloorMat Black Rubber Floor Mats for Ford F-150

Like the Weathertech mats, these mats are great because it is one of the best leading manufacturers so you can be assured about the quality.

If you have limited budget, you can consider this type because it has reasonable price. The materials is top notch – A soft plastic type.

#3 Husky Heavy Duty Floor Liner for Ford F150

This is one of the most well-known brand for its heavy duty floor mats. It has rigid plastic type material.


It is always recommended that you should choose the ones that fit your needs and budget. It is the right one that you are expecting. Not the price or type. The one that can give you best option for your trucks.